Conscious transformable
and singular garments.
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Our main designers and cofounders Ane Castro Sudupe and Núria Costa Ginjaume are two identities that complement each other under the name of ZER ERA.After studying fashion design and completing their training with an internship at Eindhoven University of Technology. There they began their own project that has become their life project. With ZER ERA they want to break with the seasonality of fashion by offering urban, transformable, adaptable and sustainable garments with a simple and fun aesthetic. Their goal is to regenerate the fashion industry into one that is more humane and sustainable. They think that it is their duty as a fashion designers to raise ethical awareness in the issues that surrounds the fashion industry. This is the beginning of a brand that has just begun.

00. TEXTILE INNOVATION. Within Zer we have a line of textile research where we use digital manufacturing techniques with the aim of improving the world of fashion. By using the 3D printer we develop three-dimensional fabrics that allow us to generate garments without waste. This initiative has been awarded by various innovation and sustainability platforms. You can know more on our press page. Soon this research will be integrated into the commercial line.

00. COMMERCIAL LINE. Most of the fabrics used in our garments are respectful with the environment. We use 100% organic cotton fabrics and technical fabrics with 78% recycled polyester. Our suppliers have carried out an extensive research process and have produced a fabric made from materials extracted from marine debris, such as plastic bottles. We also employ cotton that has been produced in ecological cultivation. It is certified by GOTS.

00. OUR SUPPLIERS. Environmental awareness should be a growing concern, therefore in all stages of our production we involve sustainability, thus helping to create a fairer fashion. The suppliers we work with have been carefully selected. We work with factories in the city of Barcelona that are committed to the use of sustainable materials and a fair workforce.