Brand philosophy

 After developing the concepts and the necessary material, we design our collections integrating innovation and craftsmanship. Our goal is to regenerate the fashion industry into one that is more humane and sustainable. It is our duty as fashion designers to raise ethical awareness in the issues that surrounds the fashion industry.We endorse the zero waste concept, as we try to minimize any possible waste that exists as a by-product of our processes.  Digital manufacturing makes it possible to produce exactly what is needed, not more and not less.  We use biodegradable 3D printing materials.  After we digitalise our patterns, we print directly to the 3D printer, further reducing our waste.  We have used industrial embroidering to create new fabrics, where the embroidering goes from decoration to protagonist in our garments.  We endorse circular production.As we develop future collection, our work will continue to be focused on  researching and developing new fabrics at the same time we work in different social issues.